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How it works

The lifecycle of a web application involves collecting the user requirements, designing the interface, building the backend logic, exposing it through an API, and deploying the application.

Create user stories

Create user stories

Design interface

Design interface

Build API

Build API

Deploy application

Deploy application

Our web applications

We understand that a web application is much more than a collection of UI components. That's why we use cutting-edge technology to deliver custom web solutions that are stunning, functional, and reliable.


Web applications should be easy to navigate and understand. We develop responsive user interfaces with a clear layout, and intuitive interface.
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Your application may be used by thousands of users on the cloud. We make sure that the application responds to user interaction with minimal delay, regardless of the workload.
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Modern applications are complex systems that may contain errors that can be exploited by hackers. We focus on application reliability to ensure proper operation.
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A web application for every use case

From interactive dashboards, to smart assistants.


Visualize your data at a glance with customizable charts.

Predictive maintenance

Monitor the status of your equipment by displaying sensor data in a web application. Show alerts, filter equipment service level, and chart useful life trends, for reducing unplanned downtime costs.

User activity

Chart the behavior of your users using intuitive, interactive, and customizable data visualizations right in your web browser.

E-health analytics

Easily access patient information and track treatment plans by monitoring variables such as adherence, evolution of the symptoms, or vital signs. All in one centralized location to help you make better decisions.

Dynamic websites

Websites should adapt to your users, not the other way around.

Dynamic websites
E-commerce applications

E-commerce sites provide a great way of improving consumer experience. This can be achieved by enhanced personalization, integrated customer service, and automated inventory management.

Business sites

Business websites open a wide range of possibilities. Some benefits include increasing sales, improving customer engagement, or boosting brand awareness. These websites may be used as a landing site for funneling users into the services you offer.

User personalized services

Web applications can track user's actions to provide personalized recommendations. Some typical examples include recommending specific content and products based on a user's browsing history.

Hosting AI models

Web apps provide an user-friendly way of interacting with your deployed models.

Hosting AI models
Image inspection

Upload images to the cloud and see analysis results right in your web browser. Front end technology provides a unique way of displaying defect annotations, tracked objects, and other outputs of image processing algorithms.


Users can interact with chatbots using interactive web applications. This is a cost-effective way of keeping them engaged, while solving common issues that they may face. Chat widgets are a useful tool to serve multiple clients at once, scaling your business with AI.

Web assitants

Web forms are a great way to collect data for automated analysis. These forms can be used to upload information such as clinical data about patients, that can be analyzed using machine learning algorithms to provide real time feedback.

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