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Frequently asked questions

Is the consultation really free?

Absolutely! The first session is completely free. This initial meeting will be used to introduce ourselves, have an overview of the project, discuss the available data sources, and possibly have a ballpark estimate of the budget and timeline. However, due to the complexity of innovation projects, we will charge a flat rate for each subsequent meeting until we arrive at a firm proposal.

What kind of data is required for an AI project?

We usually work with images, video, text, time series or other kinds of similar data. When your project needs a custom AI solution, you should provide enough data to train and evaluate the machine learning models that we design. This amount changes from project to project, however, you should always aim at providing hundreds of examples before an application can be deployed “on the wild”.

Will my application be deployed on the cloud?

Cloud deployment is typical for applications where the end user will interact directly with your application. We usually deploy applications to general compute instances like EC2, or use dedicated services such as Amplify for Front ends or SageMaker for machine learning tasks. We also provide M2M integration using both high level strategies such as REST APIs and code-level integration.

What sort budget should I expect?

It is difficult to provide a specific cost estimate for developing a custom solution. However, if you are looking for a prototype including a custom machine learning model, deployed on the cloud, and accessible through a simple front end, you should expect to spend at least 10.000 €. This price will increase depending on different factors such as the time required to prepare the data, or the complexity of the user interface.